Dec. 19th, 2012

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So I've been working on this crazy crossover fic idea for the past few months. I'd reached somewhat of a block with it when I realized I couldn't write movieverse!Tony Stark worth crap. So how did I deal with this issue? Decided to use another canon version of him. Since the other series I'm including in the crossover is an anime, I decided to check out the anime version of Iron Man.

The ratings for it said it was "decent." It was only 12 episodes long and $12 on Amazon, so I said, "Hey, why not?" It starts out okay. I really like the idea of Tony Stark moving to Japan and having awkward cultural adjustment moments. The second most important character in the show is even a decently (in my opinion but keep in mind some kinds of sexism can soar over my head) characterized female. The series follows a monster-of-the-week formula for each episode, but even then the story still progresses. I liked the fights, too! Even if they were kind of dull as far as anime goes.

My fic idea was actually going pretty well. Things tied in even better than I thought they would. And then... I watched the last 4 episodes.

Sort of spoilers if you ever intend to watch the Iron Man anime )


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