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Went to see Pacific Rim this weekend. Holy shit, I did not expect that level of awesome.

Pacific Rim impressions )

I've finally achieved my dream of writing a fic over 10,000 words long. I realize that it's probably going to be well over 20,000 at this point, which surprises me. I wonder if I'll be able to hit 50,000? Will it be too long? Are my chapters boring? I don't even know.

I'm still kind of embarrassed about writing a Yu-Gi-Oh/Iron Man crossover, but it works so well, dammit. I just worry that the way I write Kaiba makes him come off as super boring. Well, hopefully later chapters can make up for it. And I hesitate to post it on AO3 because the Avengers fandom is strong there and I'm worried they'd find it and expose my fraudulent writing of Tony's character (hell if I read the comics). I dunno, maybe it isn't that bad. Either way, I'll keep writing.

I'm also working on what can only be called a labor of love for Etrian Odyssey IV. I fell in love with one of the NPCs in the game so much that I'm trying to write a fic that goes over his (angsty) background, but I keep changing my mind about certain parts and now I have 17,000 words of repetitive scenes and fragments where I've changed my mind in the middle of some scenes. I have a good idea of how I want to approach it now, but ugh, it's almost like I'm starting all over again. But dammit, I love this character so much that I just want to write this. That and translate the doujin I got from Japan that features this character.

Fanfiction aside, I'm supposed to be writing two different sets of personal essays. Ugh. Even when I'm motivated, just sitting down to write is difficult.
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I am... alive. I haven't made a regular post in awhile, I guess? Not much is really going on. Last semester ended, which I'm thankful for. It was a long, grueling semester where I (was required to) took 4 classes, which was a pain. I still have some work left over from them that I need to complete. And right now I'm taking summer classes to finish up my first Master's degree (yes, first...)

In gaming news, I finished Etrian Odyssey IV and have moved onto Fire Emblem: Awakening. Once I stopped bitching about how much I miss Tactics Ogre, I've started enjoying FE:A. But I think it's the changes and the addition of Casual mode that make it enjoyable. I don't think I could enjoy the earlier entries in the Fire Emblem series at all. I think permadeath is a video game is the dumbest thing ever. So dumb that even Yasumi Matsuno stopped putting it in his games. Final Fantasy Tactics, Advance, A2, and Tactics Ogre's PSP remake didn't feature immediate permadeath. Diehard fans of the series tell me that permadeath is great because it makes you take your decisions seriously, but from what I know, they all reset the game when one of their units dies most of the time, anyway. In my opinion, features like that inconvenience the player more than anything, but that's just my two cents. Perhaps I shall rant more on that later.

I find it amusing that you get to make an avatar character to represent yourself in the game. You even get a choice of three different male or female voice actors! I accidentally ended up having my avatar marry the main character, even though I wanted to pair him up with someone else. Woops, lol. The whole support system is pretty cool, though, and I can see why the game has been so popular. Though part of me is bitter that Tactics Ogre didn't get this kind of recognition when it came out two years ago T___T

Other than that, I'm about 12 pages into this one really aggressive plot bunny that's taken over my life as of late. My goal is to some day finish a fanfic that's more than 3000 words, no matter what canon it's for, and it seems like this one might be the one! But maybe not, ugh. I always run out of steam before I can get anywhere close to the end. Then I feel pathetic and sad :( Perhaps I'm just not meant to be a writer. Not that I'm thinking of ever going pro. I just like being able to write. But sometimes I wonder if my characters come out sounding interesting at all. I'm not very good at understanding people in real life, so it only follows that any character I write would end up sounding rather uninteresting and flat. Or maybe I'm overthinking this.

Though I am having fun with this particular fic. So many OCs that I'll have to kill off eventually. Thinking of how they should die in as un-cliche a way as possible is the difficult part, however.

Also, I'm pretty sure no one'll be interested in reading this because it's for a canon that no one writes fanfiction for. And well, the way the canon itself is structured doesn't make it conducive to fanfiction, anyway. Oh well.
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So I've been working on this crazy crossover fic idea for the past few months. I'd reached somewhat of a block with it when I realized I couldn't write movieverse!Tony Stark worth crap. So how did I deal with this issue? Decided to use another canon version of him. Since the other series I'm including in the crossover is an anime, I decided to check out the anime version of Iron Man.

The ratings for it said it was "decent." It was only 12 episodes long and $12 on Amazon, so I said, "Hey, why not?" It starts out okay. I really like the idea of Tony Stark moving to Japan and having awkward cultural adjustment moments. The second most important character in the show is even a decently (in my opinion but keep in mind some kinds of sexism can soar over my head) characterized female. The series follows a monster-of-the-week formula for each episode, but even then the story still progresses. I liked the fights, too! Even if they were kind of dull as far as anime goes.

My fic idea was actually going pretty well. Things tied in even better than I thought they would. And then... I watched the last 4 episodes.

Sort of spoilers if you ever intend to watch the Iron Man anime )


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