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I have my comprehensive exams coming up, so naturally I'd stress over them to the point of having insomnia. I literally cannot sleep without taking something like benadryl, and even then my body struggles to wake up, which sucks.

To break up the monotony of studying, I started watching Tiger & Bunny. Holy shit, this series' name does not do it service. All I knew going in was that everyone paired the two main characters together. Despite being the closet fujoshi that I am, that wasn't enough to get me to watch it. Then in March, at an academic conference of all places, someone did a presentation where they analyzed the series. She showed about 15 seconds of the opening and I was blown away. Corporate-sponsored super heroes?! Well shit, I had to watch it now.

Of course, I'm bad about watching anything. So I naturally didn't get to watching it until last week. But omg. THIS SHOW. 1) I have a thing for dorky fictional dads who are just doing their best (bonus points if they're single dads) 2) SO MUCH MANPAIN. I can't remember the last time I watched a series where grown men cry so much.

Barnaby, just... Barnaby. Episode 19 alone had so much of Barnaby sobbing bitterly. At one point I started crying, too. His backstory really got to me. But at the same time, it was so engrossing to watch. I know people say some characters hurt so pretty, and that is pretty much Barnaby Brooks Jr. in a nutshell.

And then there's Kotetsu, who's such a weird, compelling character. Frustrating as hell, yet endearing at the same time. And a surprisingly deep character. From the first two episodes I was expecting a comedy series about superheroes on a reality show. Instead I got this weird deconstruction of what it means to be a superhero. And Kotetsu and Barnaby's back stories are total tearjerkers.

Oh, and then there was all the subtext between Kotetsu and Barnaby. By episode 2 I pretty much shipped it. It doesn't help that Kotetsu hugs Barnaby at one point. And that scene in episode 24... it was supposed to be sad but I was smiling like an idiot because it was so ship-tastic. This show! It's just so nice to watch a show with two older male characters who get emotional over things. I swear, way too much media out there, anime or otherwise, doesn't have enough of that. It's probably the one thing that surprised me the most about this anime.

Need to go dig up the movie. Man, if shows like this are what I've been missing since I stopped watching anime, I need to get back into anime post-haste. It's not even that I've grown out of anime, I'm just lazy about watching TV shows. But OMG. Just... this show. Since it's an anime. I doubt there's good fic for it, though... oh well.

Might also have to see about buying the blurays if I can find them cheaply enough. A show this good deserves my money. Man, I did not expect to fall for this show, but hnnng. So much manpain. Also, I like that the two main characters are older than anime characters usually are. Barnaby's 24 and Kotetsu's official age has apparently never been stated, but it seems like he's 30-35 years old. This show just hit my fangirl tastes in all the right places.


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