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Met up with a friend I hadn't seen in 5 years today. My friend Ariel who I hung out with a lot back when we were both studying abroad in Japan. We got along very well because we're both cynical, slightly jaded types, lol. It was so nice to reminisce and talk about fandom and graduate school (she just finished her Master's in Women's Studies). Will definitely have to make time to hang out again. I hope to go up to Columbus and hang out there since there's a bit more to do there.

Otherwise, my three day weekend has been kind of wasted. I knew I wouldn't get as much work done going home. I made more progress in Pokémon Black 2 than in anything else. *sigh* I get all guilty about how lazy I am, and then I start beating myself up. But when it comes down to it, I'm bad at getting big projects done. I'm trying to work on that, but it's still hard.

Other things I made progress on this weekend are this one fic project I'm working on. Sixteen pages and 6,600 words. Not bad. I can actually see myself finishing this, which is really something considering I haven't been able to write anything fic-ish since 2006. But holding the narrative together in my head is tricky and I keep changing elements. There's a lot to this fic. Maybe I should write some stuff down. For some reason I'm super paranoid that someone'd find the physical evidence and then I'd be embarrassed foever, lol. I need to find a beta, though. A fic this long will probably need one. And then beta would have to at least be familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh canon... heh

Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh, since I was at my parents' place this past weekend, I went back through the highlights of my collection of Yu-Gi-Oh manga (I own the first 17 volumes and then one of the later volumes). Man, I forgot just how fucked up the manga is. Especially early Seto Kaiba, omg. He's such a sociopath in the early manga. The ending of Death-T is one of my favorite scenes in any manga ever, though. Those 10 or so pages showing his reaction after he loses to Yugi are up there with the end of Death Note, hahahaha. I also love how he wakes up from his 5-month coma post Death-T a total bishounen. I always wonder if Kaiba got taller and hotter as the manga went on because he got more popular or if he got more popular because he got taller and hotter. Chicken and the egg, chicken and the egg.

Overall, though, the manga's too dry for my tastes. I prefer the anime because it's not so dry and depressing in some parts. And the Yu-Gi-Oh anime is one of the few examples of a Shounen Jump series whose filler I actually prefer to the original material because it mostly revolves around Kaiba. But because of the big difference in the two canons, I find fic where they're like, "Oh, I'm writing from the manga canon" and then Kaiba's about 150% more of a jackass than he is in the anime. This fandom is so weird, but I love it.
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