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Went to see Pacific Rim this weekend. Holy shit, I did not expect that level of awesome.

I was initially turned off by the trailer for the film because I found the giant robot designs to be incredibly ugly. But then tumblr exploded over it, my brother's favorite word in the Japanese language is "kaiju", and Hideo Kojima went on a half a dozen tweet-long rant about how it's the most amazing thing on Twitter. After the last one, I just couldn't ignore it.

I kiiind of hope it gets a fandom? But I'm not sure of what there's left to really explore, except to maybe flesh out what happens leading up to the film. Well, I guess you could write stuff post film. Or just write a shitload of AUs and fusions with other canons. I'm kind of reminded of Inception in how the film introduces a ton of interesting concepts, but due to being limited to 2 hours 11 minutes, it can only give the audience so much. The whole idea of the Drift and having two pilots synch up is incredibly fascinating. But I dunno how one would be able to explore that further.

I'm well aware that it's not doing that well in the US box office. I'm no expert on Hollywood and the film industry, but I can imagine a few reasons why it hasn't done amazingly. The fact that I found it so mind-blowingly amazing is one. This movie hit me in all the right anime geek places. To a general audience the references and the inspiration for the film probably didn't make any sense. Probably won't get a sequel, which is unfortunate...

I kind of want to see it again, but getting to the theater is kind of a pain in this town since I have no car and I don't want to bug my mom when she's at work.

Speaking of Inception, it was on TV last night while I was staying at my mom's. Stayed up until 3 AM watching it. Still found it really enjoyable. And Arthur is as hot as ever. I'm just glad that after all the roleplay BS that happened over it awhile ago, I can still enjoy it.

I've finally achieved my dream of writing a fic over 10,000 words long. I realize that it's probably going to be well over 20,000 at this point, which surprises me. I wonder if I'll be able to hit 50,000? Will it be too long? Are my chapters boring? I don't even know.

I'm still kind of embarrassed about writing a Yu-Gi-Oh/Iron Man crossover, but it works so well, dammit. I just worry that the way I write Kaiba makes him come off as super boring. Well, hopefully later chapters can make up for it. And I hesitate to post it on AO3 because the Avengers fandom is strong there and I'm worried they'd find it and expose my fraudulent writing of Tony's character (hell if I read the comics). I dunno, maybe it isn't that bad. Either way, I'll keep writing.

I'm also working on what can only be called a labor of love for Etrian Odyssey IV. I fell in love with one of the NPCs in the game so much that I'm trying to write a fic that goes over his (angsty) background, but I keep changing my mind about certain parts and now I have 17,000 words of repetitive scenes and fragments where I've changed my mind in the middle of some scenes. I have a good idea of how I want to approach it now, but ugh, it's almost like I'm starting all over again. But dammit, I love this character so much that I just want to write this. That and translate the doujin I got from Japan that features this character.

Fanfiction aside, I'm supposed to be writing two different sets of personal essays. Ugh. Even when I'm motivated, just sitting down to write is difficult.

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Date: 2013-07-22 07:31 pm (UTC)
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Auuuuugh, Pacific Rim. 8D I loved it. And haha, yeah, for me, fanfic possibilies are exploring the drift, which isn't something you can write a lot about in a longfic. XD;


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