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My friend who after over 5 years of careful coaxing has finally gotten me into the Etrian Odyssey series likes making character backgrounds for his characters. So in celebration of beating Etrian Odyssey 4, I decided to write up my own backgrounds for my guild characters.

I've based a lot of my characters names and/or personalities off of other fictional characters. See if you can guess who comes from whom (one's really obvious, I think).

There are some spoilers, especially for labyrinths 3 and 4.

Guild Monado

Lea Stein
Class: Landsknecht/Runemaster
Age: 18
Height: 5’4”
Favorite food: Curried goat
Quote: “The way I see it, as long as we give it our best, our chances of failing can’t be THAT high… right?”

A farm girl who grew up reading too many romance and adventure novels. Growing up helping her family on the farm has helped her develop an incredible amount of strength for her relatively small size. Bales of hay and sacks of oats are nothing to her, neither is taking a monster head-on. After seeing a wandering band of adventures wearing really cool armor wander through her town, she decided to set off to find her own adventures. And so she stumbled into Tharsis.

A hard worker who doesn’t like to give up, Lea is pretty good at rallying the group in a pinch. Otherwise, she’s an optimistic girl who’s easily moved by stuff that reminds her of “this book I read one time…” Her idealistic attitude causes her to be taken less seriously by some of the older members of Guild Monado, but she’s more than proven her mettle after many a critical situation. She’s also the one guild member who’s managed to become friends with seemingly everyone in the guild, to varying degrees. Chalk it up to sheer determination and being kind of adorable.

Walt Papoula
Class: Medic
Age: 44
Height: 6’0”
Favorite food: Boiled beets and Darjeeling tea
Quote: “Afraid of monsters? Nothing compares to the ‘monster’ that lurks deep down in each and every one of us.”

An experienced doctor who apparently served as a medic in the military of some far off nation fighting far off wars for years. After everything he’s been through, he’s developed a cynical attitude towards life. Despite that, he seems to almost envy the naiveté of some of Guild Monado’s younger members. While he seems to not give a crap about most things, he’s good for a few nuggets of wisdom here and there. Also, his medical expertise has been invaluable countless times. While he seems to have a low opinion of human beings in general, he takes his duty as a healer very seriously and is determined to never let anyone die or suffer needlessly under his care.

He also seems to have an uncannily high knowledge of opiates. He can always be found smoking some strange-smelling mixture in his down time. When asked what this is, he always lazily responds, “It’s a trade secret. I’d have to kill you if I told you. And that’s just too much trouble.” Is also pretty good friends with Karasu, and helped him improve his novice level of medical knowledge by quite a bit to help out the guild. Tends to hang out with Karasu and Erda, who don’t seem to mind the weird-smelling stuff he smokes.

Philemon “Nimbus” Nesant
Class: Nightseeker/Arcanist
Age: 23
Height: 5’7”
Favorite food: Ghost chili stew
Quote: “There’s a hidden layer beneath everything we see. Most people would rather live their lives not trying to uncover that layer or even better: pretending it doesn’t exist.”

A former circus performer who was given the nickname “Nimbus” for the grace with which he soared through the air during his performances. While that was what he became known for, he was also the backup for the knife-throwing act. After getting bored of the circus, he decided to venture out into the larger world. After hitting Tharsis, he signed up as an explorer since it sounded interesting.

He’s the most quiet of the guild, but also the most observant. Hardly any hidden shortcut in a labyrinth escapes his notice. While his quiet demeanor makes him seem distant to most of the guild, he’s managed to become good friends with Krauser. The two can often be found at one of Tharsis’s bars in their down time. They spend so much time together that Erda started to wonder if they’re an item. Who knows?

Erda Elys
Class: Runemaster/Imperial
Age: 17
Height: 5’3”
Favorite food: Century egg served with baked ham
Quote: “I… simply do the best at what I am capable of doing. That’s what I was taught.”

A quiet, shy, and seemingly sheltered girl from a rich family. Her reasons for adventuring are a mystery, as she doesn’t seem to be very fond of labyrinths and nasty monsters. Her favorite moments are those spent in the nice, fluffy bed at the inn before the next day of adventuring. Her shyness caused her to be distant from the rest of the guild despite Lea’s attempts to get through to her, at first.

All of this changed when she showed a formerly unknown side of her personality while battling the Boiling Lizard. Much to the rest of the guild’s surprise, the usually quiet spellcaster burst into a burning, sadistic rage and proceeded to beat the master of the labyrinth senseless with ice spell after ice spell. Turns out she gets really fired up when she’s facing something she finds challenging enough to be worth putting effort into. After the guild threw a party in her honor after their stunning victory, she’s become a much more inclusive part of the guild. She’s also good friends with the guild’s new Arcanist, Karasu. She’s usually found hanging out with Karasu and Walt.

Mandolin Krauser
Class: Dancer/Nightseeker
Age: 25
Height: 5’8”
Favorite food: Strawberry crepes sprinkled with cinnamon
Quote: “The only thing better than a well-written story is the one we’re living now!”

An enthusiastic and charismatic man who’s also known for his proficiency with string instruments that he can somehow play while dancing (he plays everything BUT the mandolin, it seems…). His charm has gone a long way for him in Tharsis, but his reputation as a womanizer seems to be nothing more than gossip and rumor. He considers it good enough PR to keep the rumors going, though. And it makes things more interesting, or so he claims.

His cheerful exterior hides a more serious demeanor beneath. It’s all good and fun to entertain customers, but he’s incredibly perceptive when it comes to things in general. He can read most people like a book. In his down time, he can often be found hanging out with Nimbus. As to whether or not they’re really dating, well… he’s never said they’re not.

Class: Arcanist/Medic
Age: 27
Height: 6’2”
Favorite food: Dried mango and cranberries
Quote: “To die simply means to return to the earth. That is not to say, however, that one shouldn’t work to delay that day as much as possible.”

A Vessel who joined the guild after the incident in the Misty Ravine. A polite and formal man who seems capable of maintaining a calm composure in any situation, Karasu rarely ever speaks more than he feels is necessary. His binds and knowledge of medicine have been indispensable to the guild since he joined up. Not much is known about him as Vessels themselves are rather mysterious. His loyalty to the guild, however, seems to be genuine. His friendship with Erda has caused the latter to open up more, too. He also gives a really good massage. Like, crazy good. Generally hangs out with Walt and Erda while smoking lazily (his own stuff, Walt’s never giving up that trade secret) on warm evenings.

Lai Ren Qinglong
Class: Sniper
Age: 19
Height: 5’6”
Favorite food: Beef fillet
Quote: “My father always told me that losing equals death. Whether in business or in battle, it makes no difference.”

An arrogant, abrasive woman who cares only for herself. In battle, she prefers not to rely on others, and claims that her skills with a bow and arrow are second to none. Her anti-teamwork attitude naturally brought her into conflict with Lea. The two were rivals for awhile until Lea selflessly put herself in harm’s way to protect Lai Ren while exploring the first labyrinth. After this incident, Lai Ren seems to have had a slight change of heart. She decided that exploring labyrinths wasn’t for her after this incident and has since turned her attention to profit. As self-appointed manager of Guild Monado’s finances, she rules with an iron fist. The rest of the guild would complain, but the guild’s funds have only continued to grow under her management. Who knows if she’ll ever show an interest in actual adventuring again. Whenever the party comes back to town, however, she’s been known to hang out with Lea every so often. Whether or not she enjoys this is known only to herself and Lea.

Her background, on the other hand is shrouded in mystery. She speaks with a slight accent, and only says that she came from somewhere to the east. A few people in town say they saw her come into town on a ship belonging to the Azure Dragon Trading Company. What reasons she may have had for leaving home are unknown. It seems that she comes from an even more affluent background than Erda.

Heigel Yoddan
Class: Fortress
Age: 32
Height: 5’11”
Favorite food: Mushroom and chicken casserole served with good, dark beer
Quote: “If I let you all die, I just wouldn’t be doing my job right, would I?”

Heigel’s motherly attitude has endeared her to many in the guild while also earning her respect and fear. She’s fiercely protective in battle, a lesson which many a monster has learned to its detriment. She also doesn’t have much patience for people who fall out of line. While she has no children of her own, everyone in the guild can’t help but feel that they’ve unofficially been adopted…

She decided to become an adventurer after her husband and love of her life died in a tragic accident. It’s possible that this event is what made her become so fiercely protective of those close to her. Or maybe she was always protective before. Either way, whenever she’s defending the party, everyone in the guild breathes a little easier. She hasn’t gotten to see as much action as she’d like, though. So instead she’s made a hobby out of out-drinking every man in Tharsis (for profit, of course).

Class: Bushi
Age: 20
Height: 5’11”
Favorite food: Boiled Napa cabbage
Quote: “The blade that is unseen is the deadliest of all… Sounds cool, right?”

A prideful warrior of the Bushi clan. Named for the white snow that falls in her land, she has devoted herself in her training to being graceful, yet deadly on the battlefield. Bushi seem to have a knack for somehow being brutal, yet elegant at the same time. She seems to enjoy battles if only for the opportunity to test her skills. Slicing off monsters’ limbs helps her improve her swordsmanship, or so she claims.

Outside of battle, she’s a huge fan of cute things. She even has a collection. Naturally, she’s a fan of Erda’s adorable hat and outfit much to the latter’s bafflement. Lea’s attempts at being noticed for her cuteness so far, however, have failed to gain this Bushi’s notice.

Malachite Löwe
Class: Imperial
Age: 35
Height: 5’10” (6’2” in his armor)
Favorite food: Fried pheasant drizzled with ginger sauce
Quote: “I rely on my experience and training first and foremost. Anyone who’d do otherwise is a fool.”

An Imperial Knight who comes off as arrogant and scheming. After hearing about the events in the Echoing Library, he decided to try and get as close to the action as possible. When the guild refused his request to join, however, he haughtily challenged Lea to a duel. Lea, who had some experience with drive blades by this point, managed to best him, though it was a close battle. Even after his humiliating defeat, he approached the guild once more. This time, however, he expressed a desire to better himself so that he could one day have a rematch with Lea. Accepting what seemed to be a sign of humility from him, Lea let him into the guild (plus, she thinks drive blades are really cool). His experience in the military tends to come in handy, and he can serve as an effective leader and even take the place of Lea in battle. Not everyone’s happy when this happens, though.

Turns out he has somewhat of an inferiority complex after growing up as the younger brother of three high-ranked Imperial officials. Tends to drive himself too hard when he’s losing, causing him to burn out… much like a drive blade, actually. Is incredibly fond of weapons, and tends to give each drive blade he uses a different name. His first one was named Svelga. No, they’re not all named female names. That’d just be creepy.
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